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1. Dog Falls Out Pickup Truck, Spends 5 Weeks on Freeway Median Waiting for Owner to Return
A dog has finally been rescued after surviving five weeks living on highway 99 median in Galt California according to police.
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2. Elderly Dog Abandoned at Shelter Spends New Year in a Home
Blackie a 14yearold blind dog was days away from death when an Austin Texas animal shelter volunteer took him home.
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3. Commuter cat "Casper" rides city bus everyday.
This UK cat would disappear for hours at a time in order to ride the bus and even has his favorite seat!
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4. Only Six Northern White Rhinos Left In The World After Death At Wildlife Sanctuary
One of the last northern white rhinos in the world has died striking a heavy blow to a species already on the brink of extinction reports the Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya. 34yearold Suni was found dead in his enclosure on October 17 2014.
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5. Walking your Dogs Like a Boss
Cool way to walk your dogs! This is what comes from a good trainer and owner. Pretty cool obedience at 440. Thanks to Griffin Shepherd Kennels.
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6. Adorable Baby Seal Pops Out of Nowhere to Go Surfing
He doesn't quite get it at first.Two guys were out surfing off the coast of northern England when a seal pup decided to join in on the fun so it hopped right up onto one of their boards the BBC reports.
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7. Cute Baby Deer Loves Being Tickled, LOL
"My buddy and I were clearing a right of way for the electric lines and came across this fawn trapped in the fall path of the tree we were about to trim."
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8. Lost Baby Seal Takes a Liking to Skier.
Juha Salo was skiing by coast of Lohtaja Finland when he came across this crying baby seal. The helpless animal soon warmed to Juha and began following him around faithfully refusing to leave his side.
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9. The awesome friends in St. Petersburg Zoo
A Lynx and a stray cat become best friends at a St. Petersburg Zoo.
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10. A Man Spots a Dozen Baby Ducks on a Building Ledge. What Happens Next is Amazing.
A dozen dayold ducklings are delivered to safety to Mother Duck.
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11. Lazy Bird Can't Be Bothered Flying; Prefers to Hitch on Car Wipers
LOL sensational ..... one very smart & cool bird even tries to chat with the driver towards the end of the clip ?
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12. Cat survives 2 euthanasia attempts at shelter
WEST VALLEY CITY Utah A stray cat that survived two trips to a Utah animal shelter's gas chamber now has a new home.
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