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1. Garage Geniuses: The Basement Restaurant With a 10-Year Wait List
Damon Baehrel had many naysayers back in 1989 when he and his wife decided to build a restaurant in Earlton a rural town in upstate New York over 100 miles north of Manhattan.
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2. KFC Founder Colonel Harland Sander's Secret Manuscript to Be Revealed
The recent discovery of an unpublished manuscript written by the founder of KFC shows that while Sanders was helping build Kentucky Fried Chicken into a global brand he was recording his life and love of food and recipes for the world.
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3. 7 Awesome Waffle Iron Recipes: Howdini Hacks
It's called a waffle iron but let's not be technical. Ask yourself "Can I waffle that?" Brownies cinnamon buns hash browns! Howdini brings you 7 outrageously delicious recipes... so dig that waffle iron out of the cabinet.
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4. 18 Mason Jar Salads That Make Perfect Healthy Lunches
Easy ways to eat yer greens all week long. .. great list.
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5. Five Sauces Everyone Should Know How to Make for Endless Meal Options
"What's for dinner?" might be the most dreaded question of everyday life.
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6. Freeze Sauces in Ice Cube Trays for Perfectly Preserved Single Servings
You can store just about anything in the freezer including sauces like pesto or tomato sauce. However it's annoying to have to thaw an entire batch every time you want to use it. Food weblog The Kitchn points out that ice cube trays are perfect for freezing single serving portions.
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7. Gross! - A second chance for faulty food FDA calls it reconditioning
When a school lunch supplier repackaged moldy applesauce into canned goods and fruit cups it drew a sharp warning from federal health regulators last month and general disgust from almost everyone else.I was appalled that there were actually human beings that we
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