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1. Kaepernick thinks timeout cost 49ers last years Super Bowl
A year after the 49ers lost the Super Bowl to the Ravens Colin Kaepernick is still smarting over a late timeout that he thinks cost San Francisco the game.
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2. "MORE NFL" A Bad Lip Reading of The NFL
Another Super Bowl another Bad Lip Reading. No more kung fu!
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3. Deacon Jones, Hall of Fame defensive end, dies at 74 :(
Deacon Jones the Hall of Fame defensive end considered by some to be the greatest defensive player in NFL history died at the age of 74 the Washington Redskins announced Monday night.
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4. Deion Sanders' Aunt Laura Jones: Yeah, I Beat the Crap Out of Pilar
Deion Sanders' aunt Laura Jones just gave a SHOCKING blowbyblow to her violent altercation with Pilar inside Deion's Texas mansion Monday admitting
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5. 49ers Vs. Giants NFC Championship Game New York Defense Not As Intimidating As Some Say
News analysis and opinion from the fan perspective.
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6. Heads are rolling in the NFL. Steve Spagnuolo fired by Rams
Black Monday is off and running. Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reports that the Rams have fired coach Steve Spagnuolo. ESPN reported last night that Spags and G.M.Billy Devaney would be let go on Monday and now its happened. Glazer doesnt mention whether Devaney will keep his job.
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