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1. Amazon's Echo Might Be Its Most Important Product In Years
It's pretty rare that a new product truly surprises us. But today Amazon did just that introducing Echo a talking listening piece of electronic furniture. It's like having the internet on your kitchen table cracking jokes and settling bets and it's the most innovative device Amazon's made in years.
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2. JIBO: The World's First Family Robot
Meet JIBO The Worlds First Family RobotFriendly helpful and intelligent. JIBO is the real deal from social robots pioneer Cynthia Breazeal. JIBO cant wait to meet you.
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3. Small cubes that self-assemble
Known as MBlocks the robots are cubes with no external moving parts. Nonetheless they're able to climb over and around one another leap through the air ...
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4. Airbnb 'Hospitality Lab' Will Educate Hosts on Customer Service
Community marketplace has tapped boutique hotelier Chip Conley to guide efforts.
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5. Top 10 Tech This Week PICS
Strap yourselves in once again space cadets because it's time for liftoff It's the Top 10 Tech This Week.
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