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1. Love Lost: 9/11 Spouses Reveal What They 'Wish Their Partners Knew'
On Sept. 11 2001 3000 families lost parents friends and loved ones. With the 15year anniversary of the most devastating attack on U.S. soil just days away partners of five of those victims told what lifes been like without their significant others revealing what they wish their loved one knew if they were given a chance to say goodbye.
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2. 'Fat Guy' Bikes Across America to Save His Marriage and His Health
An Indiana man has embarked on a grand gesture designed to win back his estranged wife and get himself into shape He is biking across the country.
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3. Cuba Has a Lung Cancer VaccineAnd America Wants It.
CUBA HAS FOR several years had a promising therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer. The 55year trade embargo led by the US made sure that Cuba was mostly where it stayed. Untilmaybenow.
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4. This Map Claims to Show When People Go to Sleep
Whether it's sports broadcast schedules or circadian rhythms people in the western United States may go to bed later than people out east.
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5. Australian Police: Raids Thwarted Beheading Plot
Police on Thursday said they thwarted a plot to carry out beheadings in Australia by supporters of the radical Islamic State group. They raided more than a dozen properties across Sydney and were holding six people including the suspected ringleader officials said.
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6. Dash-Cam Video Clears NJ Man in Violent Traffic Stop. Horrible!
Marcus Jeter faced a yearslong prison sentence after a 2012 traffic stop. But after his attorney filed a request for records Jeter was freed and now police are facing charges.
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7. Throw On My Hoodie (Trayvon Martin Tribute)
1MANBAND Productions presents The Trayvon Martin Fresno Tribute song feat. N Sane Segall and Cecil Morris. 1MANBAND owns the rights to this music. Song NOW...
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8. George Zimmerman Case Goes to Jury Today
A jury will soon decide to either make George Zimmerman a convicted murderer or let him leave court a free man. Mark O'Mara the lead attorney on the Zimmerman team will present his pitch to the allfemale jury of six today that the former neighborhood watch captain shot and killed 17yearold Trayvon Martin in self defense after he was brutally assaulted.
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9. With No iPhone in Hand, T-Mobile USA Loses 800,000 Customers in Q4 - Ina Fried - Mobile - AllThingsD
The German telecommunications giant broke its silence on what it plans to do with its U.S. carrier following the failed AT&T deal.
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10. Ahmadinejad: Iran to Reveal New Nuke Achievements
Iran will soon unveil "big new" nuclear achievements President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Saturday while reiterating Tehran's readiness to revive talks with the West over the country's controversial nuclear program.
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11. Fox News vs Amsterdam
Fox News reports on the city of Amsterdam. It illustrates the Dutch capital as a city of crime drugs and anarchy but is this the truth? This is a compilati...
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