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1. Love Lost: 9/11 Spouses Reveal What They 'Wish Their Partners Knew'
On Sept. 11 2001 3000 families lost parents friends and loved ones. With the 15year anniversary of the most devastating attack on U.S. soil just days away partners of five of those victims told what lifes been like without their significant others revealing what they wish their loved one knew if they were given a chance to say goodbye.
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2. Lori Beth Denberg from 'All That': Where She Is Now?
Would you want your favorite childhood star to officiate your wedding?It could happen!Lori Beth Denberg who starred in the comedy show All That from 1994'98 is now an ordained minister.
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3. Parents on Smartphones Get More Irritated With Their Kids
A new study from Boston Medical Center reveals that parents who get absorbed by email games or other apps have more negative interactions with their children making them feel like they're competing for attention with their parents' gadgets
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4. Georgia Boy Among First To Receive Experimental Medical Marijuana Drug
A seven year old boy is one of the first people in the country to receive a potent form of medical marijuana.
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5. How Birth Date Can Affect Your Babys Health
The period of time shortly before and after babies are born is vital to their development and future health research has shown that everything from a mothers stress levels and exposure to secondhand smoke pesticides and pet dander can affect a childs risk of illness down the road.
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6. Father of 12-year-old Leicester cancer victim finds a heartbreaking message she left behind :(
The father of a 12yearold girl who died following a battle with cancer was "blown away" when he found a secret message hidden on the back of her mirror. Athena Orchard of New Parks...
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7. Man turns stillborn's crib into a memorial bench
In Cokato MN a man bought a crib at a garage sale and then learned it was supposed to be for a baby that had been stillborn. He turned it into a memorial be...
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8. School Backs Down From Ban on Girl Who Shaved Head in Solidarity. We should celebrate children who make decisions like this.
The third grade student who was banned from school after shaving her head to support her cancerstricken friend has received an apology from the schools board of directors. Officials at Caprock Academy in Grand Junction Colo. told Kamryn Renfro in a statement that compassion and selfless...
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