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1. The Pill-Free Headache Fix
An occasional aspirin is fine. But what if you could ease your pain without meds?
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2. Mom's last resort: Opiate antidote saves addicts' lives
A powerful antidote that can reverse the potentially deadly effects of opiate drug overdoses including those from prescription painkillers has saved more than 10000 lives in 15 years but its still littleknown and too hard to get a new report shows.Naloxone
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3. Missouri Mom Accused of Attacking Son's Alleged Drug Dealer with Baseball Bat
A Missouri mother confronted her son's alleged drug dealer and allegedly attacked him with an aluminum baseball bat after her efforts to help her heroinusing son failed.
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4. After teen's death, parents warn of helium dangers
The family of 14yearold Ashley Long cant believe their girl is gone. Ashley an eighthgrader from Eagle Point Ore. collapsed and died suddenly after inhaling helium at a party earlier this month.
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5. Fresno crash pilot 'extraordinarily' high on meth
A Tracy man who stole a singleengine plane from the Concord airport before crashing it in Fresno was so "extraordinarily" high on methamphetamine that he probably couldn't see straight authorities said Wednesday. Ray...
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6. Whitney Houston Died of Prescription Drug, Alcohol Combination, TMZ Reports
Investigators looking into the death of Whitney Houston have said that they will be examining the pop icon's behavior in the hours and days before she was found dead in the bathtub of her hotel room at the Beverly Hills Hotel while the singer's family friends and staff have already been questioned.
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7. Whitney Houston -- Dead at 48
Whitney Houston died this afternoon ... a rep for the singer told the Associated Press.Houston won two Emmy Awards six Grammy Awards 30 Billboard Music
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8. Scientists Transform Deadly Plant Into Cancer Killing Smart Bomb
The ancient Greeks called the thapsia garganica plant "deadly carrot" because their camels would eat it and quickly die. The Roman emperor Nero mixed it with frankincense to treat bruises. Until the early 20th century it was used in a plaster to treat rheumatismthe side effects however were barely worth the cure.
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9. Meth fills hospitals with burn patients
Meth ruins lives just another reason why people shouldn't do drugs.
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