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1. Illinois Mom Warns About Seeds From 'Suicide Tree' After Child's Death
Natosha Anderson told ABC's Chicago station WLSTV that she wanted to show the dangers of "pong pong" seeds which come from a tree called Cerbera odollam originally native to India.
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2. Loyal Dog Jumps on Hospital Bed to Comfort 9-Year-Old Boy With Autism
The dog refused to leave 9yearold James Isaac's side as he got anesthesia. Meet Mahe a professionally trained assistance dog who's completely changed the life of a 9yearold boy with autism from Wellington New Zealand.
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3. Teen With Terminal Cancer Marries His Girlfriend in Wedding Put on by the Community
A teen with terminal cancer marries his girlfriend with the help of his town. Luke Blanock18 wed his high school sweetheart Natalie Britvich in a 200 person ceremony this past weekend. Almost everything needed for the teenagers' wedding was donated by members of the Canonsburg Pennsylvania community.
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4. Concussions May Increase Suicide Risk, Study Finds
Researchers looked at more than 200000 people with concussions. The risks of suffering a concussion have been under the spotlight in recent years especially as the degenerative neurological illness known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy CTE has been found in multiple football players after their deaths. The degenerative disease is believed to be linked to brain trauma including concussions.
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5. Toddler's Death Gives Sick Little Girl New Chance at Life
The tragic death of a toddler has saved the life of a oneyearold girl
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6. Cuba Has a Lung Cancer VaccineAnd America Wants It.
CUBA HAS FOR several years had a promising therapeutic vaccine against lung cancer. The 55year trade embargo led by the US made sure that Cuba was mostly where it stayed. Untilmaybenow.
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7. Parents on Smartphones Get More Irritated With Their Kids
A new study from Boston Medical Center reveals that parents who get absorbed by email games or other apps have more negative interactions with their children making them feel like they're competing for attention with their parents' gadgets
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8. Former WWF Wrestler Jake 'The Snake' Roberts Story of Resurrection: I Wanted to Die
It was a long journey its been almost three years now. Its still hard for me to watch this documentary and some of the clips because I have to see just how bad I was. I didn't see a way out.
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9. Scientists Crack the Code on How to Un-Boil a Hard-Boiled Egg
The breakthrough may have huge implications for cancer research. Egg whites are made of proteins that start out with a certain shape explained Gregory Weiss a professor of chemistry and molecular biology at the University of California Irvine and the experiments lead researcher.
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10. The Truth About The People You Can't Forgive
In a special interview Father Richard Rohr founder of the Center for Action and Contemplation shares a few crucial comforting insights about the people who have hurt us in the past.
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11. 18 Mason Jar Salads That Make Perfect Healthy Lunches
Easy ways to eat yer greens all week long. .. great list.
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12. This Map Claims to Show When People Go to Sleep
Whether it's sports broadcast schedules or circadian rhythms people in the western United States may go to bed later than people out east.
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13. Cops Take On Mission to Place Homeless Mentally-Disabled Teen
Officers Paul Henderson and Derrick Lether of the Monroe Police Department were called by a concerned citizen who saw Jake 19 walking in and out of the road along a busy highway last Thursday. Shame on this kid's parents.
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14. Fearing Memory Loss, Ex-NFL Player Pens Letter to Family
Ben Utecht testified before Congress about brain injury and concussion.
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15. Lessons Learned From a Year Without Showering
So how does a regular showering guy end up going 365 days and counting without taking a shower? It started with a long bike ride across America to promote sustainability and ecofriendly living....
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16. 13 Reasons You Should Be Spending More Time Outside
Go take a hike. .. Following stressful events blood pressure heart rate and muscle tension have all been seen to decrease faster in natural environments than in urban settings.
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17. Maysoon Zayid: I got 99 problems... palsy is just one
"I have cerebral palsy. I shake all the time" Maysoon Zayid announces at the beginning of this exhilarating hilarious talk. Really it's hilarious. "I'm like Shakira meets Muhammad Ali." With grace and wit the ArabAmerican comedian takes us on a whistlestop tour of her adventures as an actress standup comic philanthropist and advocate for the disabled.
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18. Super-Cheap Paper Microscope Could Save Millions of Lives! You Genius!
Imagine if clinics in developing countries were equipped with an inexpensive yet durable tool that could help medical personnel identify and diagnose a variety of deadly diseases like Malaria Chagas disease or Leishmaniosis? For millions of people around the world waiting to be diagnosed and treated such a tool could be a lifesaver. Manu Prakash
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19. 'Syndromes' Drive Coders Crazy. Good Read.
Being a software programmer is one of the best jobs these days for your pocketbook but it can be incredibly bad for your mental health.
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20. Dying Boy to Get Unapproved Drug After Family's Plea
Josh Hardy has survived cancer four times his parents said but hes been in the intensive care unit since January fighting a virus that causes the common cold. They say their best hope for Joshs survival is an unapproved antiviral drug called brincidofovir but the company that makes it Chimerix has said it cant give it to him.
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21. Teens snow message for mother undergoing chemotherapy goes viral
A teenager has garnered national attention after stomping out a message in the snow for his mother while she underwent chemotherapy at Chicago's Rush University Medical Center the Chicago Tribune reported.
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22. Sam Berns, Boy With 'Aging Disease' Progeria, Dies at 17
Boy who became face of the "Benjamin Button" disease dies at 17.
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23. Amy Robach Reveals Breast Cancer Diagnosis
By Amy Robach I remember exactly where I was when I got the call from a Good Morning America producer. I was about to interview Marie Monville the wife of the Amish school shooter in the bucolic setting of Lancaster Pa. She was speaking out about the senseless horror that happened in the most unlikely of places. I was focused on what was about to be an emotional interview regarding life after tragedy when our producer asked me if she could make a sensitive request Amy next week wed like you to do the first ever live television
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24. The 26-year-old nearly went blind in one eye, he tells PEOPLE exclusively
Jack Osbourne Talks About Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis
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25. ALS at 27: Baseball Player With Lou Gehrig's Disease Strikes Back. 27 is Too Young.
Baseball star Pete Frates 27 finds hope following in Lou Gehrig's footsteps.
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