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1. Happy couples post less about their relationships on social media
Here are the reasons why happy couples post less about their relationship on social media.
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2. Love Lost: 9/11 Spouses Reveal What They 'Wish Their Partners Knew'
On Sept. 11 2001 3000 families lost parents friends and loved ones. With the 15year anniversary of the most devastating attack on U.S. soil just days away partners of five of those victims told what lifes been like without their significant others revealing what they wish their loved one knew if they were given a chance to say goodbye.
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3. Elderly Dog Abandoned at Shelter Spends New Year in a Home
Blackie a 14yearold blind dog was days away from death when an Austin Texas animal shelter volunteer took him home.
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4. Dying dog is adopted, gets bucket list
Nicole Elliott was browsing a Georgia animal shelter's Facebook page two weeks ago when she saw him a scruffy charcoalgray dog with sad eyes.
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5. Pack of Stray Dogs Stand Guard at Animal Lover's Funeral
A woman who spent her life caring for stray dogs received an unexpected and surprising tribute from the animals when she died.
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6. Tennessee Waitress Receives Tip That Brought Tears to Her Eyes
Sunday started out as a normal day waiting tables for Claire Hudson.
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7. How Tom the Cat Brings Comfort to Dying Patients With His Calming Presence
Tom is responsible for many comforting stories since arriving at the VA Medical Center in Salem Virginia in May 2012.
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8. Cat Saves Boy from Vicious Dog Attack!
Here is a surveillance video of a cat coming to the aid of a little boy who is attacked by a neighbors dog. Amazing.
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9. Ohio Couple Married 70 Years Die 15 Hours Apart
A couple who held hands at breakfast every morning even after 70 years of marriage have died 15 hours apart.Helen Felumlee of Nashport died at 92 on April 12. Her husband 91yearold Kenneth Felumlee died the next morning.The couple's eight children say the two had been inseparable since meeting as teenagers once sharing the bottom of a bunk bed on a ferry rather than sleeping one night apart the Zanesville Times Recorder reported.
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10. Team Hoyt to Run Last Boston Marathon
Dick Hoyt pushed his son Rick who has cerebral palsy in a wheelchair for their first race in 1977. It was a fivemiler but soon the duo went on to compete in 1100 athletic events including more than 30 Boston Marathons. But now that Dick Hoyt is 74 and Rick is 52 they believe its time to slow down.
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11. School Backs Down From Ban on Girl Who Shaved Head in Solidarity. We should celebrate children who make decisions like this.
The third grade student who was banned from school after shaving her head to support her cancerstricken friend has received an apology from the schools board of directors. Officials at Caprock Academy in Grand Junction Colo. told Kamryn Renfro in a statement that compassion and selfless...
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12. Check Out This School-Bus-Turned-Stylish-Motor-Home
Courtesy Hank Butitta Hank bought a bus. Whos Hank? Hank Butitta is a recent graduate of the University of Minnesota where he earned a masters degree in architecture. His final project toward the degree wasnt a design for a building it was the bus which he converted into a motor home. I was tired of doing projects that existed only on paper and at the end of the semester meant nothing to anyone he said. Butitta is currently on a monthlong 5000mile journey with his friend and photographer Justin Evidon to test the functionality of the bus. The pair
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13. KEEGAN: The Opposite of Loneliness
Reflecting on life at Yale. Marina Keegan '12 died in a car accident on Saturday. She was 22. Great piece must read.
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14. Mom who lost legs told kids, 'You're not going to die'
From her hospital bed an Indiana mother who lost both of her legs but saved her two children described the frightening moments when a tornado ripped through the family's home."They're screaming 'Mommy I can't live without you I don't want to die please don't let me di
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15. 100-Year-Old Couple Celebrates Valentine's Day and a Legacy of Love
Irish immigrants Clarence and Grayce Dwyer of Madison N.J. have loved each other for nearly a century each surviving the death of a father and life's hardships.
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16. Kristian Anderson Birthday Video for his Wife Rachel - Hugh Jackman
Kristian Anderson died 2 weeks ago but this is the video he left behind for his wifes birthday. Its one of the most touching things youll ever see and even includes an appearance by Hugh Jackman. Please watch and share.
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17. Cosmic Log - What mystifies Dr. Hawking Women
As famed physicist Stephen Hawking turns 70 the subject that most occupies his thoughts is not how the universe arose from nothing or how hes been able to live with neurodegenerative disease for so long. Heres what he thinks about most "Women.
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18. Mom reunites with daughter 77 years later.
SAN CLEMENTE Calif. For most of her 100 years Minka Disbrow tried to find out what became of the precious baby girl she gave up for adoption after being raped as a teen.
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