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1. New Horizons Spacecraft Is Approaching a Mysterious Red Object
NASAs New Horizons space probe is currently speeding towards a mysterious Kuiper Belt Object known as MU69. Recent observations of the distant object indicate a very reddish surfacepossibly even redder than the splotches found on Pluto.
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2. NASA's New Horizons Probe Wakes Up for Pluto Encounter. Cool Stuff
After a journey stretching 3 billion miles NASA's New Horizons probe has awakened from hibernation just in time to prepare for a cosmic rendezvous with Pluto.The spacecraft came out of hibernation on Saturday after being prompted by a computer command that was preprogrammed in August. About 90 minutes after New Horizons woke up it began transmitting back to Earth.
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3. Sun points a loaded gun at us. Scary
As solar activity builds toward an expected peak in 2013 a doublebarreled sunspot has been doubling in size over the past couple of days and now has the potential to shoot significant eruptions in our direction.It's not certain that active region 1416 will erupt with
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4. This Is What Nuking an Earth-Killing Asteroid Looks Like
You might think Armageddon was just a lot of Bruce Willis sobbing and Aerosmithfueled sex but there was actually some truth in there! If an enormous space rock ever heads our way we're already planning on nuking it to hell. Here's how.
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5. The Miraculous NASA Breakthrough That Could Save Millions of Lives
There are no hospitals in space. The closest E.R. is back on Earth and astronauts can't exactly jump in a cab to get there. So what happens if the sun burps out a massive blast of radiation while an astronaut is spaceamblin' by?
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